An Eagle, an Aspen and a Swim

Carol’s got a new wetsuit; one designed for “wild swimming”, you know, the one with extra flexible armpits! We’re in the van at the end of the drive at five to two waiting for her swimming buddy; there’s a big shape in the sky and binoculars confirm its an eagle soaring over the bay. Right on cue, a buzzard appears and flies up to harass it, looking relatively small and showing us the difference in size.

About a mile away, Carol commits to wetting her wetsuit and I drive off before I’m called a chicken.

xScreen Shot 2017-10-16 at 13.00.54

Parking up near Nedd, I paddle my way down a very wet path to Duart to see one of my favourite trees. This is the first Aspen that I was formally introduced to, about two years ago by Ian the local botanist. I was hoping for the vivid yellow autumn leaves, but I’m a bit early.

Weather forecasting isn’t getting any better. The “very wet” morning just had a couple of showers, and the “dry and sunny” afternoon was pretty miserable. I spent an hour and a half waiting for the rain to stop. Interesting composition; the Aspen with Quinag in the distance.

DSC_7684hdr3x pcus3010 dodge tcsel LL

Back home, Carol’s swim was successful enough for her to think she deserved half a packet of biscuits, and my boots and trousers appear to be wetter than her wetsuit.

A pretty good afternoon, I think.

Sometime later, Carol the Mermaid says that there’s a clear sky and a glow in the north. Yes, she’s right! A lovely Milky Way, and the green glow we get when we’re not quite in the firing line for a “full fat” aurora, but well worth a look anyway.

DSC_7708dis us3010

DSC_7712 us3010

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