How The Adventure Started

adventure in Assynt
The Adventure starts here

So how on earth did we get here! Well it all started back in 2015 when we decided to do a course called Introduction to Crofting in Argyll. The course was run through the Scottish Crofting Federation. It was really inspiring.

Both Suse and I were working all hours to make the payments on a house we didn’t spend much time in because we out at work all the time. Weekends became precious time together but that was our life, like so many other people’s. But we just thought there must be a way to change this, to be happy, to be free of all the day to day stresses, Crofting or at least living completely off grid, so no mains electrics, no mains water and no toilet to flush.

To be able to do this and make the changes in our lives we so now desperately craved we needed to sell the house, and in the current economic market we figured it would take about a year to sell. That’s fine, plenty time to plan our life changing adventure.

The house got tidied up, we did all the little jobs that we had been meaning to do for the last year or so. Like making the oven work properly again and fixing the outdoor step that would have at the very least broken my ankle if stepped on wrongly. Then it went on the market, within 2 weeks we had accepted an offer on the house and they wanted to complete within 8 weeks! Wow, so super fast we had to pack up the house, leave jobs, close businesses and work out what the hell we were going to do!

Lots of trips to the local skip and charity shop later we were ready to go, the car and Land Rover all packed, the rest of it stored in a shipping container.

Assynt was somewhere we hadn’t been to before and it was as far north as we wanted to go so off we went. Clachtoll Beach campsite was our first destination and we would take it from there.

Wow, what a place, we instantly fell in love with the place and have never left, well nearly never…

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