Snorkelling on a Sunday Afternoon.

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As keen as she was when we were discussing the idea earlier, Molly was reluctant to even try on the mask, mumbling something about claustrophobia. And she said it made her nose look too big. I fought back the urge to reminder her that it was her idea.

Well, we’re going anyway. Partypooper.

When we got there, she was all excited again, and I think she was regretting her decision. She charged about all over the beach at Achmelvich like a little kid. Honestly!

Not to be deterred, four of us struggled into our wetsuits, hoods and gloves, whilst Molly insisted she’d be just fine as she was. Oh, how naive!

We waddled into the little bit of surf like inept penguins, and Molly just rushed into the water, completely care-free.

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Then it started to go horribly wrong; she must’ve realised that she couldn’t see the crabs and periwinkles and got very jealous. She was swimming around us huffing and puffing, attention seeking. Obviously trying to put us off. After a brief committee meeting, Suse volunteered to take the hit for the team and went back to shore to discuss the matter with Molly.

Three of us had a good swim around the bay, seeing an awful lot of sand eels and a couple of very large Lion’s Mane Jelly fish on the way.

Back on the beach, Molly said she wanted to try surfing instead. For goodness sake.



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