The Screen Machine

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Our nearest cinema is in Inverness; 100 miles away. This doesn’t make it easy to watch a film on the Big Screen. Fortunately, help is at hand. About four times a year we get a visit by a big blue articulated truck called The Screen Machine. The trailer unit ingeniously triples in size when its parked up, and becomes an 80 seater cinema. Inside, you’d really be hard pressed to know you weren’t in a regular one; its really great! One particularly wild night, we braved the weather to see Spectre, the Bond film. And we saw it before some folk “down south”. A little apprehensive at the time, it was torrential rain and 60mph winds outside. Comfortably seated, we were totally unaware of the storm outside!

The Screen Machine stops at Lochinver for two days at a time and generally shows a total of four films.

Shopping in Ullapool before it was due to visit us, I saw the blue truck parked up and went to chat to the driver to work out what time it might be driving past Ardvreck Castle to get a photo. I waited for about an hour to get this. Despite “practising” on other passing vehicles; it was still a challenge. You only get one chance and then its gone!

We actually saw three of the four films on this occasion. The films were good; and we get to natter to lots of other people who we know. We even book our tickets on line, as it often fills to capacity. We get a booking reference code, which we don’t actually need, because the driver/ projectionist knows us!

Two days later, I’m waiting up by Kylesku bridge to get a shot of the truck as it carries on north to its next stop.

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The Screen Machine visits many remote locations and islands on an incredible Road Trip, and then turns around and does it all over again.

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