Amazing Auroras

Yes, we went to Iceland too. About 15 years ago; hoping to see lots of things, including the Northern Lights. And we did; just the once, and fairly briefly, but it was momentous, none the less.

Now I’ve seen quite a lot more, much closer to home, and sometimes literally from the comfort of the sofa!

27th March 2017; approx. 10pm…. finish my single can of lager and go to bed.

28th March 2017; approx. 330am…. same can of lager makes me get out of bed to use the loo.

A couple of minutes later, I look out of the window, and the sky’s multi-coloured and dancing about all over the place!

It is the best one I’ve seen; totally and utterly amazing!

Getting dressed, getting the camera out and getting to a vantage point near the beach takes me about half an hour. During this time, the light show is fading considerably. No one puts money in the meter either!

I set up and get what I can.

20 seconds; ISO3200; f4, and its a good one. Not what I’d seen earlier, but I’m not going to complain.

df DSC_5284hdr3x pc2550 h&ssel pc2525sel

Thank you, Can of Lager!

Two things to remember:

You need a dark night and a clear sky. You need to look north-ish. And you need to turn off your lights. OK, that’s four things.

A while ago I got this photo with the light trails of a passing car, around 8pm one evening. Less than a week later, totally coincidentally, I met the occupants of that very car. They’d been driving around looking for the aurora and failed!!!

I know it seems a little scary, but GO OUTSIDE and TURN THE LIGHTS OFF!


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