Sunday Stroll

Summit of Canisp

We set off from the layby just along from the bone caves we had visited a few days before, heading for the top of Canisp. Rich had taken some convincing to do this walk. The dog on the other hand was already at the landy. I think the prospect of soggy feet for the first mile had not been a pleasant thought, however, it had been dry for a few days (this was my weak, but only argument) and was turning out to be a lovely day. We followed the path down to the top of Loch Awe to the bridge that crossed the River Loanan. We dutifully followed the path like the useful ‘Walks West Sutherland’ book had advised. When it came to the wetter spots I cunningly let Rich march ahead, figuring if he didn’t end up knee high in peat juice, it would be a good route for me too. The path was much better and seemed not to peter out as quickly as the walking guide had suggested, perhaps some pathwork had been done since the book was published. A nice surprise. Once the path did disappear a series of cairns seemed to agree with our planned route so we followed them through the boulders.

Over half way up I heard a clacking croak nearby and a pair of ptarmigan scuttled by, beautifully camouflaged against the light grey quartzite. First time I had ever seen Ptarmigan which I could add to my list of firsts having spotted a pine martin trotting along the side of the road earlier in the week.

After a while the path appeared again like a series of giant steps leading up the hill. The wind picked up a little, which was a welcome relief, my Scottishness means I can only cope with so much sunshine and warmth. The wind however brought a light mist which reduced our visibility a bit and the views disappeared.

We headed on to the summit crossing our fingers that the mist would be blown over by the time we got to the top. Happily, a few minutes after arriving at the shelter and unpacking our lunch, the mist cleared, the sun came out and suddenly we could see one way over to Lochinver, one to Elphin and another to the Summer Isles, and Quinag, Suilven, Cul Mor and Stac Pollaidh revealed their majesty.

Summit of Canisp
Hello Suilven

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