Biscuits on a Sunday

When it’s an hours drive to the supermarket you tend to either buy in bulk or make your own. If I was to buy biscuits in bulk they wouldn’t last as long as they should so we make our own, and they are so much tastier than anything Macvities can make. They don’t keep as long as shop bought ones, but they’re biscuits and are meant for eating not storing in a cupboard (no matter how hard Suse tries to convince me otherwise!)

The recipe is straight forward and they don’t take too long to make, the hardest part is having the will power to let them cool down before munching them.

Mix the flour, sugar, raisins, oats and anything else you might think be nice in a biscuit. Then in a pan on a low heat melt the butter, golden syrup and milk together.

Add the sticky mixture to the dry ingredients and bind them together with your hands

Take out golf ball size amounts and squash them down onto a tray covered in baking paper

Cook them for about 7 – 10 mins until they start to brown at the edges

Then the really hard part, leave them to cool down!

75g self raising flour

75g sugar

75g oats

Anything else you think might be nice in a biscuit (in this batch we have put in a handful of raisins and some seeds)

75g butter

1 tablespoon of golden syrup

1 tablespoon milk


You get abut 12 biscuits from this recipe, but if you want more, just double the recipe for twice the pleasure!

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