A Guy Called Guy No Longer

Our plea to “bring out yer wood!” to everyone we knew paid off with the very kind Lochinver Harbour folk bringing down a massive wooden reel, a smaller (but still big) reel and several pallets to add to the pile of pallets and brash (and bits of caravan) donated by various members of the Inverkirkaig community.

The boys headed down early to start the fire off, worrying the wood would be sodden after the grim weather we’d been having recently, but they need worry not. And not even a drop of petrol was used…

The massive reel at the heart of our fire

As the evening darkened, the rain disappeared and we got warmer and warmer and warmer. Not quite as warm as poor old Guy though. Have to say he didn’t last long. Although the kids (and Rich) who had spent an evening making him didn’t seem too upset.

Guy Bonfire
Guy looking happy…. but not for long

The kids were entertained by a never ending supply of sparklers, if only they lit as easily as the bonfire!

No, we didn’t burn a tractor

A fireworks face-off was in the offing. Someone else in the area had the same idea as us. Fancy that. I have to say though; our ‘Big Mama’ finale was something special, even if it did have the shortest fuse….

bonfire marshmallows
Toasting marshmallows


Our marshmallow toasting went LARGE! The biggest marshmallows on the biggest marshmallow stick I had ever seen. Pretty big bonfire too!

bonfire 3

Great night I’m sure we’ll all remember, remember.

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