Our First Highland Christmas

Carol writes:

Christmas dawned dull and wet- nothing new there, we’ve hardly seen the sunshine since the middle of July. Really!

Our household woke up looking forward to a different kind of day- with family and friends too many miles away we chose to go to a Victorian hunting lodge, to be ‘wined and dined’.

Little did we know what a treat we’d have in store.

Prosecco and canapés were handed round in front of a roaring log fire, beside a glittering Christmas tree, to fellow local diners-consisting of three generations of one family and a few other couples.

The atmosphere being so relaxed, the youngest amongst us lay out on the floor and dozed off to sleep.

Our Christmas meal was served around a huge table, big enough to seat us all, so we could all join in with the banter. And what a delight it was too, with wild salmon, scallops and beef wellington, individually cooked to table.

Some four hours later we moved back in to the lounge for a spontaneous ceilidh, which happens up here, amongst so many talented musicians.

Returning home, happy, full, with an inner glow from all the bonhomie, we put our feet up in front of French and Saunders rounding the day of with a few more laughs.

Chris says:

Yes, that is absolutely right; it was really lovely!

There are a couple of other bits I’d like to add…..

Christmas Eve with Richard & Suse was also extremely lovely, with a very tasty concoction of home grown pork, some drinks and a card game for inebriated sub-adults. As the designated driver, I was lucky they let me play.

Later I said… “lets do a blog tomorrow”. They were going to the neighbours to play with the kids, and we were booked in at Glencanisp for lunch with Sam & Rachael. Yes, says Richard, lets see who get the most “hits”, and put a fiver on it. At the time, his eyes were going round in circles, and only held in their sockets by his glasses, so I accepted the challenge and mentally pocketed the fiver.

In the morning, as Carol said, the weather was rubbish again, so I went in the barn and had a pedal on the turbo, taking the “selfie” that turned out to be the only photo I took that day. Shame on me. Anyway, its a 20 second exposure, as I thought the movement would make me look younger and more athletic. I know, I know. Fail.


Boxing day… really can’t be bothered to write this.

OK, I was too hasty with my assumption of winning the bet.

But what’s this on Messenger from Richard, and I quote :

“I can barely focus

Started drinking at 11am, finished at 3am.

Could I borrow your liver please, mine is struggling”

So I think I’m still in with a chance!

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