Dear Diary,

Thank goodness for better weather; although the wind is very cold, we’ve finally had a bit of sunshine!

Its already January 9th, and Christmas seems ages ago. New Year down at Achmelvich was really great again. There seemed to be more people this time, and its turning into a bit of a phenomenon.
Since then, I’ve taken a few decent photos too. Well I think so, anyway. Apparently that’s what matters.
I’ve waited literally months for a clear sky to shoot the “Hermits Castle” at night. Now I’ve got the Milky Way and moonlight all in one week.
I have missed a good sunrise…. too late getting up after playing cards until 2am the night before with some Achmelvichites. Pattern forming there. Bad influences. Need encouraging.
Missed a good sunset at Clashnessie too, but got a nice picture in the rocks at Stoer (Stac Fada) instead.
And we had a bike ride in the sunshine.
And we had a great view of a sea eagle and three porpoises the next day.
So many things in nine days. Where else could I do all this?
Now I find that Carol has written stuff too, so I’ll just stick it in here:
“We are fortunate to have found others living in the Northwest Highlands happy to while away time with us sharing food, drink and a ‘good crack’ now and then!

One such occasion arose just before the New Year, when a dear friend of ours invited us over for a meal, to be cooked by her Italian friends who’d driven up from Rome to spend Christmas and the New Year in the Highlands. Amazing how far people travel to spend time up here.

Getting over involves negotiating “the Italian job” as I call it. Those familiar with Bond movies will be able to imagine the road between here and our friends house. The Council gritting team has struggled this year to keep the roads passable and the conditions didn’t look good. Not to be deterred, with the opportunity of a night in the company of others, and me offering to drive home, Chris spent a productive hour shovelling salt and grit on to those iced patches of the road, to be sure we could get there, and back safely! Fantastic night out.

Just before Christmas Mom and Dad showed Chris and me how to play Canasta again.

On our return, it didn’t take long to find others keen to learn a new game too. Two pleasurable evenings have been spent in the company of others mastering the skills of this new game. Can’t believe how fast time goes when your having fun, playing cards until the wee hours of the morning!”

So, here’s the photos, in date order. Just so I don’t forget how amazing it is living here!DSC_8586-2 tchp20x4 ggxDSCF8157hdr7x TDSC_8615dis tc15x5selbrcon hdr8x com
DSC_8646rc h8
DSC_8669h3x pc500 us3010sel

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