So how did this happen?

I’ve just “volunteered” to help run a Facebook page for a club that I’m not even a member of. Hmmmm.

9th July 2017: the Loch Inver Rowing Club is down at Ullapool for a regatta; we needed to go shopping, so we thought we’d go to have a look and support the local team. Suse was there too. I felt a bit rubbish as I was getting over a cold so I didn’t take much camera kit, just a little Fuji X20 actually. Well, it was a super event, with loads of Skiffs, and good weather too. Carol had never rowed before, but managed to get invited to row in one of the races (and they didn’t finish last!). And I managed to get a couple of decent snaps!

Since then, Carol & Suse have joined the Club and been out rowing a few times. The skiff is called the “Enard Bay” and is often moored on the floating pontoon in Lochinver. Four people row it and one steers.

Its quite a new club, so they need more members and a bit of help.

DSC_7004hdr7 pc5025 us3010sel c tc tcsel com

Fresh air and exercise; casual or competitive.

No, I don’t want to have a go myself; I’m happy taking pictures. My mistake was to offer to accompany Carol to the meeting last night. “Chris can you help us with the Facebook page?” “Yes, of course.”

DSC_6991hdr3x pc5025 us3010selx

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