This time next year, Rodney…..

Apparently, “The Mousetrap” has been running continually in London for 34 years… Although I can’t compete with that, I’m very pleased to say that I now have photographs on the wall of the Kylesku Hotel for the third season.
I do mostly colour photos usually, but this time I chose to put together a collection of “black & white”. I have a few coffee-table books of photos, and they’re mostly monochrome, and they’re probably the ones I go back to the most. When I was a kid, we only had black & white. Back in the 60’s. Oh blimey.
Last year, I saw a stunning collection of monochromes whilst over on Harris, and I have to say, it gave me the kick up the backside I needed to assemble my own. I also saw prints on a heavy, cotton based paper called Hahnemuhle 308, and realised that I can’t use this with my own printer, but the pictures were amazing. So I’ve out-sourced the printing. And I have to say, they look reeeeeeally good!
We don’t really need an excuse to go up to Kylesku Hotel, but it’s their opening night for 2018. That’ll do. Sonya & Tanja and their staff make us very welcome and do a grand job with the food and drink. The view’s good too. When its not dark, of course. I had one of the “specials”: pan-fried cod with chorizo, crushed potatoes and savoy cabbage. It was superb; I don’t think the description does it justice!
Pictures on the walls; limited editions; available in frames or rolled in a tube. And I’ve done laminated information sheets for the tables. Just need a few customers now!
They look like a proper collection, not just some pictures on the wall!
Here’s a few of them:
Sail Gharbh and Allt na BradhanClashnessie Reflectionc2DSC_1740 hdr3pc sephs us3010
How did that last one sneak in?
Richard & Suse doing a bit of decorating.

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