The Hare, The Badger and Some Bird

A sunny Sunday at the beginning of February is not to be ignored, so we headed to Inchnadamph, aiming to get up to the “Aeroplane Flats”. The numerous layers of clothing we had put on turned out to be a bit excessive for this glorious day and not far into our walk we were stripping off. Even Molly was feeling the heat.


About 500m up we hit the snow covered hillside not far from Loch nan Cuaran.


It was there we started feeling we were not alone…..

We followed the tracks up towards the loch until Molly got a bit too excited and charged on ahead, destroying the footprints. Why did we bring the bloody dog????!

Loch nan Cuaran

Undeterred by the dog ruining all our fun we started heading towards the “Aeroplane Flats” and yay, more tracks!


And yes, the dog destroyed these tracks too. But we had other things to think about now.

There had been a clag loitering over the tops of the surrounding mountains for most of the day and it had been slowly sinking down to our route home.

We could see the flats in the distance, the weather looked great over there! We could make it in time!


We probably could have made it, but we decided not to go this time. The snow was slowing us down.So with one eye on the clag, we turned around and headed for home.

It will be there another day.


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