Roast Chicken

What ya doing on Sunday?
How about a roast chicken at our place?
Yes, lovely! I say over a beer at the Culag. Adding, I’ll just check with the management.
Hang on, what if its sunny? You know, not actually raining and blowing a gale?
OK, lets go for a walk first and eat a bit later. About one o’clock OK?
DSC_8964h3x pc750 tcm0sel dis
Suse turns up, all sweaty from something called “kettle bells”, and says that eating later was always the plan anyway.
Yeah, and bring the Canasta cards.
Well, its about 1.30 when we get there, as its been a nice morning too, and we went out on our bikes and didn’t take a watch, or a phone, and didn’t know the time when we left either. And then there was the eggs. We bought some from Tom & Olive’s roadside box whilst we were pedalling. I say “bought”, but should’ve said “borrowed”, as we didn’t have any money either. So I pedalled another 5 miles to drop it off afterwards. Then I realise its already 12.15. Whoops.
No worries; Richard’s friend the Landrover kept him busy all morning, so at least he didn’t miss us.
Molly says she’s got an idea. Amazing! So what is it then? “Let’s go for a walk!”. Not very original for a laborador.
So we went out the back gate, over the hill (yes, me too!) and get a brand new view of Suilven that two of the five have never seen before. I take a couple of pictures, as others now have certain “expectations”; getting it over with quickly so we can get to the chicken.
Food’s lovely too.
DSC_8966h3 pc750 tcm0sel dis
Then we play Canasta, me & Suse versus Richard and Carol (the cheat). Because she did. She kept talking to Richard about strategy, knowing darn well it was very naughty. And they won. Shouldn’t happen if you cheat, should it?

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