Shopping like Cowboys

The similarity struck me a couple of weeks ago.
We went to Ullapool; got a van load of groceries, had haircuts and Carol had her eyes tested.
That’s what they did on the “westerns”, films, years ago.
We have a Volks Wagon; they had a Horse Wagon; other than that…..
Then it got more interesting.
We had dentist appointments in Inverness, so Rich kindly lent me his trailer so I could bring back “a wagon load” of firewood. And shopping. And 2 bathroom cabinets.
And then one of us gets a medical appointment at the hospital too….. overload!!!!
So we booked B&B in Dodge City for the night before.
Two shots of red-eye and a couple of rounds of poker. Might even get a bath and a shave. Me, not Carol, obviously.
Then the BBC interfered; I’m blaming them anyway. The forecast said “snow” on Wednesday, with a little bit more on Thursday, and we believed them.
So we booked in for the previous night too…. its 100 miles to the hospital, we weren’t going to miss the appointment. Wise decision; we might not have made it otherwise.
But what the dear forecasters did get wrong was the second bit. A “little bit more” was actually quite a lot, and actually cut us off; all roads home blocked.
Two more nights in Dodge City, then. Our bar bill is shooting up.
But it wasn’t over, was it.
The rest of the UK got it too, and many people worse off than ourselves.
After 4 nights, we moved up to Ullapool.
Road still blocked, but snow-blower now coming from Ebay, first class post.
DSC_2995lxsatx tn
Our mate Gordon-the-Roofer sorted us out with B&B, and he knows the snow plough driver. Oh yes.
So we left home on Tuesday, and made it back on Sunday.
Our horses were pretty tired too.
And thank you to:
Those who worked through the night clearing the snow
Abermar Guest House, Inverness
Rosslyn Cottage B&B, Ullapool
The A835 facebook group

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