Just About Coping

I have to say, late “summer” through to the end of 2017 were a bit of a disaster for good weather up here; relentless murk.
I know other people didn’t get a very good deal either, but it really did seem like a weather front without beginning or end.
2018 and things have changed, haven’t they!
Everyone’s had some snow; and some in the most unexpected parts of the “soft south”, where they started to wear their big coats too!!!
And now….. still cold, but occasionally sunny too. I’m looking at my photos of the last few weeks and thinking we’re having quite a good deal at the moment. Thank goodness I’ve got some spare time and don’t have an old Landrover to fix.
Yesterday I had a tramp around on the other side of Quinag with my photographer-friend Val, and we got some great scenery. Didn’t put sunscreen on yesterday, but have used it twice this year already!
So here’s some photos that haven’t been “blogged” yet, although you may have seen them on Facebook. The maximum distance from home, as the crow flies is about 12 miles.
Starting on 12/2/18 and finishing yesterday, 5/4/18; and also starting and finishing at the same location:
The Falls sometimes known as “Wailing Widow” with Glas Bheinn (776m) behind.
Wailing Widow Falls and Glas Bheinn v2
The reason I was up at the falls, was to take a photo of our amazing Screen Machine mobile cinema as it trundled north (we saw Jumanji; Richard reckons its not worthy without Robin Williams; I reckon its OK because it has Karen Gillan; personal opinions of course).
A894 Lochinver to Kinlochbervie 4
Sunset at Stoer beach. My sister was surprised how fast I could run to get this shot.
Stoer Sunset
Northern Lights, taken from our decking.
Clashnessie Aurora 19mar18 a
Stunning beach at Achmelvich.
Waves & spray at Culkein Stoer.
Culkein Stoer Waves
From the top of Glas Bheinn (first photo above), looking back to Quinag.
Quinag from Glas Bheinn v2
Clashnessie 31mar18
Cycling the 37 mile circuit of Quinag with Willie:
View across Stoer bay towards Clachtoll and Split Rock. Mountains, left to right: Canisp, Suilven, Cul Mor, Cul Beag, Stac Pollaidh, then several in Coigach.
Stoer & Clachtoll
Clashnessie, again.
Imirfada Clashnessie
Loch na Gainmhich; Glas Bheinn behind.
Glas Bheinn & Sandy Loch
And finally, back to the “Wailing Widow” falls themselves. Just for a change, there wasn’t much spray to mess with the lens (and therefore my mind!), so I could get up close and personal!
The Waterfall with No Name
So, as I said, “just about coping”.

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