Up Poly Aa: Part 2

We were creeping towards the end of March and still hadn’t managed to get the polytunnel cover on, a combination of waiting for bits to arrive and too much wind was holding us up. Then we saw a wind free weather forecast window (try saying that 5 times quickly!). It was either now or we would have to wait another fortnight until we were all here again, so the Sunday was tagged for Polytunnel phase 2.

Job 1: Strainer wire, tensioners, wooden supports and heat tape.

Job 2: cover on.

I’m making it sound simple, but it took us all day…. and the wind never stopped blowing.

Blimmin north easterlies.

There was plenty of tweaking over the next week or so as we got the south end of the tunnel cover nice and taught (another cunning plan involving a ratchet strap), before tensioners unwound in the high winds and the north end of the cover came off.

Blimmin north easterlies.

All dealt with, we finally got the mulch matting down, I built a bench from a pallet, an A-frame for growing salad in some salvaged gutter downpipes and started sowing seeds. So exciting.

7th April, my first seed germinated. Yaay!

IMG_0629 (2)

Stay tuned for part 3. Diggin beds.

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