The Rising Sap

Spring is here and sap is rising! Our friend Chris, a local green woodworker, ran a course on how to tap a birch tree, so Rich went along to find out more. The next day we went out to tap a tree as Rich was really excited for me to taste the sap. Apparently it was just like water, but the best water you’ve ever tasted….

We sorted out a tube for channelling the sap and a receptacle for collecting with a cover so nothing could fall into our bounty

We picked a big tree (well, a big tree for here) that was in the sun (which speeds up the flow) and drilled a hole at an upwards angle, so gravity could help.


When we put the collection tube in, there was a bit of leakage, but a bit of tape round the end of the tube meant we didn’t waste any.


Then all we had to do was wait.


It took half a day to collect 5 litres. Rich made a bung out of a piece of a branch to stop the flow and it was time to sample.

It was just like water.

But the best water you’ve ever tasted.

We drank some , made ice cubes with the rest (it only keeps for a couple of days in the fridge) and then collected more to make birch sap wine. That’s a work in progress.

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