Three Years!

Not a wedding anniversary. Or a prison sentence.
We’ve lived in Assynt for three years now. How the time has flown!
We’ve done some amazing things, live in wonderful landscape and in a lovely community.
But we got even luckier! Shortly after leaving the asylum, we met Richard & Suse, and they’ve been putting up with us ever since.
Not getting too sentimental, but…..
Anyway, we went camping down at Altandhu, about 30 miles south to mark the occasion.
Nice campsite, opposite the Fuaran Bar, which did good food too.
And the weather was nice! We needed sunscreen both days.
 DSC_9730h3x sat-18sel c
Richard brought a pot of spaghetti bolognese; Suse turned up straight from work, in her wellies and covered in dirt. We squashed into our van for dinner and drinks and tried to say “cheers” with plastic glasses.
 DSC_3400h1x pc5033 us3010
Saturday; we thought we’d walk around the end bit of the Coigach peninsular, so we took their car to Achnahaird beach, and drove back to Reiff to start the walk.
DSC_3387h3x ggh0 ptx
Lovely, lovely scenery.
Rock-climbers’ mecca apparently, and the sandstone cliffs were amazing.
Not high, just shapely. Think Jenga or Lego.
DSC_3439h3x dodge tcm0s0us3010sel
DSC_3443x us3010sel
We got up to the corner, Rubha Coigeach, for lunch and decided to go back the same way we’d come, so the car was parked in the wrong place; never mind.
Saw some dolphins, did I mention that?
 DSC_3483h7x pc0100 gndx2 gg100h0 us3010sel
Beer and food in the bar later.
Sunday, Richard wants to go fishing, and I forgot my rod, so we said “goodbye” and went our own ways. Apparently, there were no fish (yeah, right!), but it was warm and sunny.
We went back to Achnahaird and walked most of the previous walk that we hadn’t got to the day before. Stunning weather; good views of a Peregrine whilst we ate lunch, and views across the panorama of Assynt and Coigach mountains too.
DSC_3533h7 pcx tcx sel us3010sel
DSC_3511h3x pol gg us3010sel
What a great weekend!

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