Sea Air, Good For You, Not So Good For Land Rovers

Well the old faithful Landy was due for its MOT, and unsurprisingly it failed on the amount of rust it had on the door pillars and foot wells. So I decided to tackle the job myself.

What could possibly go wrong?

First I needed a welder, I bought a mig gas welder from the famous Highland Industrial Supplies in Inverness, I love buying new toys. Then went online to start buying the hundreds of welding extras and all the parts I would need to complete the job. There are many good reasons to own a Landy, one of them is the abundance of spare parts available. Boxes of shiny things started arriving at the door.

It was time to start stripping everything back. To replace 3 bits of metal I had to strip out the whole dash, both wings and everything attached to them had to be removed. Even with the angle grinder it took quite a while. As more parts came out I also found more rust and more things that I thought well while I’ve got this out I may as well replace it. It also gave me the chance to clean and paint in places I wouldn’t normally be able to get to.

Once everything was stripped right back it was time to start the welding and building. Now my welding skills are not the best but I seem to be able to make things stick together and that’s what I needed to be the end result. The most difficult part was fitting the new door pillar in place, this had to be perfect so that the door, once refitted would open and close as it should.

The foot wells were straight forward enough. The paint you see in the pictures is special anti rust paint. Lovely stuff, got a little carried away with it but I don’t care what it looks like I just don’t want rust!

So the day of the MOT arrives, it’s not until 2pm so I have time to do some final checks. Better check the oil I think, and low and behold the bonnet won’t open! What a nightmare, I had replaced so many parts for it as well, obviously not done something right. So I am now stressed, tools flying about everywhere. I get it open, what an arse it is to open. Do everything and put it back together. Now I’m late, nothing new there for me. The drive to Contin for the best MOT garage isn’t great, but that’s because I didn’t bother putting back the floor mats so the noise and vibrations going up through my feet left me a quivering wreck by the time I got there.

An hours nervous wait while they tested it, all the time trying to think what am I going to do when it fails, sell it, what to buy instead, is it worth much, how to tell Suse.

But no! They passed it with only a few minor advisories! I almost hugged the guy! But didn’t as I don’t think he was as happy as I was.

I now have an official certificate from the government saying I can weld land rovers back together, also known as an MOT certificate.

Everything took longer than I thought, I had to watch an awful lot of YouTube videos on how to do a lot of it. I had to hide a lot of receipts from Suse but the end result I think is worth it. A fully working, very clean Land Rover 110 Hi Cap. You have never let me down, got me out of many scrapes and I’m going to keep you for ever. Too much?

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