What’s the Point?

Red Point, as it happens.

Time for another girls night out, but this time we headed in the opposite direction and drove to Diabaig to start our weekend walk.

A short hop skip and a jump (well about an hour and half) and we were at the bothy, fully laden with wood for the fire and Gemma’s ginger crunch.


Craig is a fancy bothy, with an upstairs, pots and pans left over from its days as a youth hostel and a toilet! Yes, it is in an outhouse, and yes, you need to flush it using a bucket of water, but fancy none the less! We were most impressed.

We dumped our bags and headed north to Red Point passing the scorched heather, admiring the views out to Raasay, Rona and Skye and catching up on all of our news.


We reached the beach on the south side of the point and stopped for some ginger crunch (to Abi’s relief, she had been asking when it was time for ginger crunch for about 2 miles). We were entertained by some ringed plovers dashing about before we headed over to the north of the point.


The path passes through Redpoint farm to the main beach where we decided to have a (quick) dip in the sea.


I just feel sorry for the young couple having a romantic visit to the beach, sitting in the dunes having to contend with us stripping off, wrestling with a towel in the wind to try to preserve our dignity, cackling as we ran across the beach, squealing as we reached the icy water and cackling all the way back up the beach. Then out with the towels again…


Soon we were respectable again and having jelly babies and a wee dram to warm us up.


We could have sat on the beach all evening, but still had our four and half miles walk back to the bothy.

It was getting dark when we got back so we jumped into action to collect water from the river, sort dinner, get the wood burning stove on, and before we knew it we were sat back supping some sloe gin, rosy cheeked and relaxed, reflecting on our splendid day.

Next morning after breakfast we headed down to the stony beach near the bothy. The rain started so once we had dragged Gemma away from looking at the lichens on the rocks we could head back to the bothy to tidy up.

We got pretty soggy on the walk back, so lunch and a game of dominoes at the Whistle Stop Café in Kinlochewe had definitely been earned.


After we were warm, full and dry we headed home.

Thanks to Gemma and Abi for their photographic contributions and a brilliant weekend!



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