Throwing Axes

I’ve been far too excited about the prospect of throwing axes at blocks of wood. The day finally arrives and Wooden Tom from Aviemore turns up with a car full of exciting toys. Everything is quickly set up and the throwing begins.

There’s around 14 of us and axes are hitting the wooden disks as targets. Some are staying in, some are bouncing off, some fly right past and into the ground. Hit or miss, didn’t matter, the fun was flowing.

There was 3 different types of axes to throw, a set of 3 small metal hatchet type ones, 3 wooden handled tomahawks and then my favourite, one almighty double headed axe. It was glorious. Much to my own delight it was the axe that I managed to get to stay in the target more often than the others.

After practice on all the different types of axe, the competition begins, and as if things weren’t about to get serious enough Tom produced war paint and a winners helmet for the champion to be crowned by the rest of us.

Let the games begin.

Now our team did very well, however I didn’t win, at the time I’m not going to lie, I was miffed, in retrospect this is probably a good thing as I was far too excited in the first place and would have become unbearable if I had got to wear the champions helmet and have everyone bow down before me. I did however score more points than Chris (different Chris, to blog posting Chris) and at the end of the day that’s the most important thing, or is it the taking part? No it’s beating Chris I’m sure.

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