Work, Work, Work

It’s a busy time of year on the croft. There’s lots to do but I also have my “other” work to be getting on with. I mainly cut grass and do strimming which I love. I also do different types of handyman type work. Today I was sanding the deck of a boat and tomorrow I’m digging holes for a foundation for a camping pod. Sometimes though a real gem of a job comes my way, something I can do in my own time and really get stuck into. This came my way in the form of a table that one of my grass cutting customers was looking to have restored. The table was in a state to say the least when I picked it up.

The first job was to start taking out the rot and having a look at what I had left to work with. There was a lot more rot the wood than I had thought. In fact the table top split in half just by looking at it.

The paint had to be removed next

Then I discovered more rot! Down one side this time, so that had to be removed as well. Then I set about adding in new wood. These were pinned and glued while being held together by clamps.

While the wood was setting I moved onto the metal work. First was to remove all the loose rust, there was a lot! Then one of the legs fell off, oh joy, more welding needed.

An old bed frame was then used to make new cross members for the table top to sit on, followed by a coat of black metal paint.

It was starting to come together nicely. Next I secured the table top to the legs. Added filler to the holes and started several sands. Then once that was done I started to add the stain. 5 coats with a sand in between and it’s done. The customer hasn’t seen it yet, but I’m pretty sure she will love it.

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