The Big Mountain of Assynt. Perhaps.

Forecast looking good; heatwave not yet upon us, but sunshine and only light winds. Just right for those lucky enough to be able to choose the day to climb a hill. Or even a mountain. Maybe two.

Contact made. Two and a half Peases say yes! The half being Molly, of course.
DSC_4259h3x pc2213 us3010sel gg20 c
We need a reasonably early start, I say. Its quite a long walk. Meet at Inchnadamph at 930? Reluctant agreement.
So we overslept, and got there late, much to the amusement of Molly’s friends.
Just as well we didn’t worry that it had actually rained on our way over. Fat lips, or what. But it didn’t last, the day improved just right.
I was the only one of us to have done this walk before, but as residents of Assynt, it really was time that we all climbed Ben More Assynt, the Big Mountain of Assynt. Odd name really, because on the maps I’ve looked at, the boundary of Assynt is actually about a mile the wrong side. Hmmmm. Ideas anyone?
DSC_4269h24x rcpc2525 LLx us3010sel
Anyway, we walk up the lovely limestone valley of Traligill, and turn left on the path up to Conival. We follow an amazing little burn up to the next little plateau, at about 700m and stop for coffee in what we believe to be a clegg-free-zone. Then suddenly, we’re out in the open; abruptly feeling like we’re on a mountain. The landscape changes significantly, and certainly seems very different to other Assynt mountains.
DSC_4275h2 pc955 ggxsel us3010sel c
Our first peak is Conival at 987m, just over 3200 feet, making it a “Munro”.
Views are totally and utterly stunning! Mountains 360 degrees. Many we know well, but others are too far away and unfamiliar.
And something new…. we can see the entire length of Harris and Lewis, and I think we might even be looking at the sea the other side. Like the Atlantic! Maybe its a mirage?
DSC_4278h1pc2525LLx pc2525c us3010sel
Ben More Assynt is just a short easy walk along a ridge now, so we head there for lunch. Except it isn’t quite so easy; last time I walked it with a covering of snow and didn’t realise how stony and cobbly it was, so our progress is pegged a bit.
At 998m (3274 feet apparently) myself and Suse hit the top first.
Oh yes! Not that we ran ahead, but Carol and Richard are shovelling sandwiches down, whilst we’re distracted (see photos for evidence).
DSC_4290h1pc5036Lx us3010sel
And they’ve still got them for the photo-call; check it out!!!
DSC_4300pol pcx us3010 LLx
We’ve seen a total of 7 other people up here, making today’s tally eleven with us.
Back along the ridge, we stop at a snow drift. There’s a novelty for June 26th!
Its 9 hours after leaving the car park when we return, and 12 tired legs!

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