What’s not to like about that?!

My Dad taught me how to swim, all those years ago, at the municipal swimming pool, surrounded by ‘dive bombing’ children, squealing with delight.

The only candidate likely to ‘dive bomb’ me today was a Great Northern Diver, of the feathered variety.

Surprisingly, the water in our lochs is now warmer than the sea, after three weeks of hot sunshine. And I’ve got all the kit. So no excuses when a friend invited me to take a dip.


What’s not to like about bobbing in a Loch…….


……amongst the water lilies!


Remembered to take a change of clothes today, but forget a towel! Oops. Lucky for me another friend had a spare towel, to save the blushes of passing car drivers, as we changed, after our swim from one end of the Loch to the other!

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