The Suilven Job

Early spring 2017, I saw an advert outlining a commission that was open for applications….. recording the restoration of a footpath up onto Suilven.
I’m liking that idea, so I applied, and was successful!
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Carol says that I should remember my enthusiasm when the novelty of the “long walk to work” wears off. Well she didn’t need to worry; it didn’t!
And I had such a good time, I’ve done it all over again this year (it was a 2 year restoration). It was a great project to be involved in.
The remit was “not to get just sunny photos”. The first day was cold, windy and wet; the second day was a blizzard strong enough to blow me off my feet. Twice!
Yes, done bad weather; box ticked.
Then I got really lucky; not only a sunny day, but also two rides in a helicopter!
Just amazing!
DSC_5791hdr24xsel pc5030 us3010sel
Shortly after that, it was so hot and sunny that me and the path workers went skinny-dipping in a loch to cool down!
DSC_6268hdr3xcom us3010sel
The job itself was all about preventing erosion from increased visitor numbers on a lower peaty path and a higher rocky section. Funding came from the Lottery and John Muir Trust, and it was coordinated locally by the Coigach Assynt Living Landscape Partnership, who have been publishing my photos and blogs on their website.
DSC_4212h3x pc032sel c us3010selDSC_4070h1pc3333 us3010sel gg20-20
So, I’ve been busy documenting two teams turning a pretty eroded path into something that’s much better to walk on. Its a big job, with lots of heavy manual work, and a two hour walk at each end of the day. I have to take my hat off to these folks!
20180803_142123 h7tcggus3010 c20180803_141803 h7 tc pc10022 s-165414h7xpc5020 sat-15 us3010sel
And now its finished; it looks just great, but I’m a bit sad, because I’ve enjoyed doing it so much!
So to finish, a couple of “before and after” shots:

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