Desperately Seeking

We’ve had our fair share of poor weather recently, and I’m behind with a couple of projects. This week’s looking a lot better.
Carol’s sister Sue is staying with us, but is recuperating from a broken leg, so they won’t be pushing their luck, and are talking about painting (artwork, not emulsion!)
We decide to separate for the day; I’m off to Little Assynt to do my quarterly “fixed point photography” assignment for the Woodland Trust monitoring tree growth.
Carol & Sue decide to paint Ardvreck Castle; as I said, not emulsion.
They drop me at the tree nursery, and Sue says “hello” to Suse, who is busy tending her baby trees. Last night, Sue (a glass artist from Brecon) had met another glass artist called Sue (Sue Jack), and I’m wondering if they’re taking over the world, or if I’ve stepped into a scene from Dr Who. Come to think of it, I know some more too. I guess you can’t have too many!

Well, here I go. It’s a cool sunny day, and its going to be like circuit training; it always is. I’ve got 13 stations to visit to take a total of 36 photos, all as close as identical in composition to the previous as I can manage. And that’s harder than it sounds. I’ve got marker posts, GPS coordinates, compass bearings, camera settings and the previous photos loaded into my phone, and its still quite a challenge. Try it yourself; you’ll understand!
So I’m either walking briskly, or fiddling with the tripod. Stop, start all day, and I have to go quickish to fit it all in.
First off, I find a lovely birch tree, nothing to do with my assignment, and I take several photos to practice my new “panorama stitching” process. As you can see, the stitching failed, but I like it as a…… errrr, what the word for “triptych”, when there’s four? One of them, anyway.
all4 pol200pc5040 us3010sel c
Nearly at my lunch stop and I fall over for the first time today. Where they planted trees about 20 years ago, they dug holes. The holes are still there, but hidden by vegetation. Traps!
View for lunch wasn’t bad.
I carry on, and very soon drop in another hole. Didn’t fall over this time, but it was full of water, so I have a boot full now. Cold and squelchy it is.
As I get towards the end of my journey, I hear voices, and there’s Carol and Sue (just the one of them) nattering on the all-ability path.
How did the painting go?
Sue did painting; Carol didn’t; she forgot her paint! But she did do a charcoal sketch that I rather like instead.
And a passer-by took their photo! Thank you Dirk Lohner!


  1. How lovely to know that the 3rd Gregory’s girl hasn’t lost her touch (even if she left her paints behind). Great to see all the lovely art and photography (love the triptych + one). Its good to hear that you are getting some sun amongst the rain so keep enjoying it.


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