A Room with a View

Over the last couple of weeks, I seem to have taken a few photos of old houses with mountains behind them. Totally by accident; I never set out to do this; it just kind of happened.
Two of the places have been on my wish-list for a while.
They’ve all got history too; some I know a little about, and others not.
One thing is for sure: the people that built these places would have enjoyed amazing views. That may have been significant in choosing the site, or perhaps not. I’ll probably never know.
The first is an old abandoned croft house, not far from my own house. I didn’t even set out to take the picture; it was just a bit of fresh air and sunshine for me. I’m told that it was last inhabited around 1900-ish. It looks lovely now, but in bad weather….
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A few days later, I was out doing an unrelated job around Little Assynt, and there’s this one…..
And I got some information that this one was probably abandoned by a local family in 1812.
That’s Quinag in the background.
If you go up to Glencanisp, there is a walk you can do which goes past this abandoned croft house called Cnoc nan Each.
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Along with other folks who live up here, I knew the chap who had stayed there previously.
Past this, just around the hillside, we step back in time to a bronze-age round-house. That’s it, the green ring in the foreground. And it’s looking at Quinag too.
We carried on a bit for lunch, not too far, and there’s no buildings here, but the view’s nice!
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On the way to the supermarket, we stopped at Inchnadamph and took our sandwiches up to the Traligill caves. Returning to the car park, I saw this alder tree…… got a bit closer and realised it’s growing next to an elder tree…. and they’re both in these house ruins….
DSC_6341pol200 Lx com ggxsel Lxserlc
Conival in the background this time.
Not satisfied, we stopped at Borralan Chambered Cairn about an hour later, and that has a view of Cul Mor. Not technically a house; actually a tomb. And astonishingly may be 6000 years old. But it still has an amazing view, doesn’t it!
6354h3x pc2226 com ggsel
So, in the space of a couple of weeks, I’ve inadvertently been to several places, spanning the last 6000 years, where someone must’ve been saying “wow, look at that view!”


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