The New Kitchen

So I met this fella on Facebook, and he said he’d fit our new kitchen.DSC_0858us3010

Nothing unusual in that. Except 675 miles is a long way to drive….
OK, its not the whole story….. he’s also a photographer, and he’d visited us whilst on holiday too, so not exactly a random stranger.
It went like this: old kitchen out; new kitchen in; job done; let’s go and take some pictures!
We had a day and a half, so I planned to make the most of this new thing called sunshine; not seen that for a while.
Starting at Stoer beach, we walked around to Clachtoll beach, laying on the rocks like seals. just like the one David found snoozing.
DSC_0748pch0 cl ggsel us3010sel768h3x pc us3010sel pol
Everyone back on the bus, down to the harbour and catch our tea, which looked like a carrier bag of Langoustines as it was passed up from the boat, and a quick trip up to Glencanisp to try and outwit the only cloud of the day which turned up over Suilven.
809h2x tc300300us3010sel pcdfh2 pc us3010sel
The next morning found us heading over to the Wailing Widow Falls for several shots.
DSC_0832-Panocl us3010sel polsel874c h4 pc tc300300us3010sel gg21DSC_0895-HDRpolsel Lxsel tc300300us3010sel pc5025 c
Coffee sitting in the sunshine, and then up the burn to the “Loch of the Reflections”; a name I’ve just made up, but despite a strong breeze, it didn’t let us down.
899h3 com gg43 us3010sel pc
Finally, we finished the afternoon walking up the main path to Quinag and branching off to visit a little waterfall I’d done in monochrome previously.
DSC_0914sephs gg us3010selDSC_0961pcus3010DSC_0981us3010
Lucky with the weather and lucky with the kitchen; David made a cracking job of it; we’re well pleased!
And the red anorak he’s wearing in the first photo is actually mine.
Before & After:
Just the hob and some switches for the electrician tomorrow….


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