It’s now 2020, can you believe that?
It has some sort of futuristic ring to it, but it’s here none the less.
As I write this, 2020 looks cold, dark, wet and windy. No change there then.
But it is just a number (in my opinion!), so maybe I shouldn’t have any expectations.
What I do know is that I need to select a few new photographs to get printed for the forthcoming season at Kylesku Hotel, and then practice crossing my fingers that I’ve picked the right ones that someone might like to buy!
Shortlisting them isn’t actually that easy; although I might be pleased with what I did in 2019 myself, I’ve got to imagine why someone else might want to have it on their wall. And I get it wrong sometimes.
Bearing in mind that a lot of visitors to the Hotel are tourists from elsewhere, I try to find some relevance. Landmarks or views that they might have seen themselves.
So this time, I set out to put a little collection together of photos taken within a couple of miles. Well, that’s what I started with anyway.
I don’t need a completely new collection, as I’ve still got some very worthy prints from last year, but I’m sitting here looking at 8 ideas, not willing to chop any of them at the moment.
And I thought I’d share my thoughts on a blog.
I’ve got four Quinag shots here. The first two are quite similar to previous prints. Similar views, but totally different weather and conditions.
15x10 DSC02899 us3010sel15x12 2744h3 discl us3010sel pc022
I haven’t offered one from this angle before; it was taken a fair way up the Glenleraig path to the west of Sail Ghorm, and also features a rowan tree and an elusive thing called “the sun”, if I remember rightly.
15x10 DSC_6408-Panocl pol148 us3010sel pol100sel
And the Milky Way was “experimental”, but I like it. I shot it standing on Kylesku bridge, so the bottom of the frame is the reflection of stars in the sea. Sail Gharbh is the left peak; Sail Ghorm the right.
15x10 DSC02406v2 Lx us1002525 croprs
The Wailing Widow waterfall is an intentionally identical composition to one that’s already in print. Except its got snow on it! It’s just up the road from the Hotel. The path to the bottom is only short, but quite rough and rocky. This view, however, is quite close to the edge of a precipitous drop. If you go up there, for goodness sake take care!
15x10 DSC_8915h3x gndsel pc5025 tc300300sel gg24 croprs LLxsel us3010sel
Hard not to include a Suilven shot.
15x10 DSC_8103hdr7x disx2 pc4530 tcm0sat0us3010sel
Tropical water is at Achmelvich; I was walking along there, and this fella dives in with his three black labradors, and he is totally living the dream! No idea who he was, or the dogs.
15x10 DSC_4373h3x pcxc gnd
And finally, a wild card. A panel of shots, all from Assynt, a nice splash of colour!
And whatever I decide, it’ll probably be the last week in November before I really find out if I’ve chosen wisely!
Post script:
There’s already a spanner in the works. I took this on top of Quinag yesterday:
8079h3x pc035us3010sel LL
Shortlist getting longer. Oh blimey.


  1. They are all gorgeous, I thought the milkyway shot would be my favorite but they just kept coming. I love that photo of the man swimming with the dogs, just awesome.


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