The Tree

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A small chain of events: the last blog was about my “shortlist” for framed photos to kick off the 2020 season. That job is now complete, and they’re sitting on the lounge floor waiting to go up to Kylesku Hotel for next Saturday’s opening. One of the shots that I have included is the one of a rowan tree in front of Quinag. And for the life of me, I can’t work out why I didn’t print it before. I think it looks great.
Then I’m reading a Woodland Trust web page inviting the whole nation to participate in recording certain yearly events for a whole range of wildlife.
And yes, do try this at home!
Have a look:
Don’t know whether that link will work on here, but if not, search for “Woodland Trust Nature’s Calendar” and you should find it.
So what about this rowan tree? It’s 20 minutes drive and about an hour’s walk, so might struggle to do it as regularly as they suggest, but I think I’ll have a go. And of course, it’s quite photogenic too, so I’ll be doing a series of shots through the seasons.
Let’s call that “plan A”.
I went back up there this week. It’s easy to find, on the signposted path from Glenleraig to Tumore, just past the first loch.
Weather forecast dubious. Apparently sunny until about 11am (our arrival at the roadside), and then downhill thereafter. That’s it the usual pattern.
We started walking in sunshine, although there was a line of thick cloud over The Minch, just waiting to rain on our parade. Carol suggested I could beetle off on my own to hopefully get the shots, and she’d join me at her own speed.
I daren’t turn around. Just keep walking. Don’t let it see you looking.
Arrival at the tree; cloud on my right, but….. big bit of blue behind it!
I get cracking with the camera. First off, I need to find my previous viewpoint, and I discover that I need to stand in the burn to get the right elevation. That’s OK whilst it isn’t any deeper!
Quinag just looks lovely. It usually does. In fact, I don’t think there is an ugly side.
Rowan and Quinag
Carol arrives and steals the flask. I join her, and then notice an old rusty gate a short distance ahead. So, off I go again; the sun’s still out, and she’s guzzling the hot chocolate as fast as she can……
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I guess this gate, and the remains of the fence, might be the boundary, across which is the John Muir Trust’ Quinag estate.
I get the last molecule out of the flask and sit in the heather for a while. The sun disappears in about 15 minutes, probably two hours later than forecast.
We get a couple of selfies and walk back.
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Lunch in the van and then carry on around to the far side, where I have a couple of favourite spots. Some shots in the bag, and then Sail Ghorm starts to disappear.
Yes, that’s snow, and its heading my way.
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Back in the van again; a ten minute blizzard.
We drive up the hill towards Skiag, and the snow stops as we get to the walkers’ car park.  I run across the road for one last shot before we throw in the towel and go to blag a cup of tea at Suse & Richard’s on the way home.
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  1. Great photos as usual Chris, love mountain ash it produces great berries for birds I planted two in the garden last year 👍 I believe you can crush the berries extract and the filtered juice to make sweets from it when it solidifies 😉 Look forward to seeing more photos of the rowan.


  2. Thanks for the blog – five years of shear pleasure and great scenery. All the best with your framed prints at Kylesku Hotel.


  3. Chris, they are stupendous pictures but I must learn to scroll down. Spent a few moments trying to work out where the tree was in the first two photos!!


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