The Little Things

Assynt is known for its big landscape and big skies. And quite rightly so, I can’t really get enough of it. Since arriving in Assynt however, I have also been fascinated by the other end of the spectrum, the tiny (and not so tiny) wild flowers. The moment the days start to lengthen in early spring I forget about those very short winter days. The little explosions of colour that appear fill me with joy. As each appears my little grey cells start to grind as I try to recall their names. A once a year test.

I really should have written this a month ago, when I was blinded by the gorse flowers and excited by the carpets of primroses and bluebells, but there are still plenty of weird and wonderful flowers around.

They all have something in common. They are really, really pretty. I think they’re even pretty once the petals start to fade and wrinkle round the edges. We all have days when we feel a bit faded and wrinkled round the edges, but just like these plants, its just a part of the cycle of life. If these plucky little plants can make it after everything our climate throws at them, so can we!

So, in this time of lockdown I thought I would share a few of the delights from my state sanctioned daily exercise, a wander along the road with Molly the dog. All the photos were taken on my phone, so not the best quality. And it was breezy. And. And. And. But now inspired, I’m saving up for a fancy pants camera. I can’t wait. This time next year Rodney…….


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