2020 Vision: Actually Quite Restricted, Wasn’t It?

Wings clipped by Covid, most of us faced a different year to what we may have expected, or wished for. And the chapter is far from over; January 2021 sees many of us waiting for a vaccine roll-out before the machinery of “normality” grinds back into action again.

So far, the episode has prevented quite a lot of activities and interaction, so there really haven’t been quite so many tales to tell, and we haven’t seen each other anywhere near as much as we would like. Speaking for myself, anyway!

But we have had some good things: stuck up here in Assynt, we have actually had a reasonable share of good weather in recent months, and did get out and climb some mountains, take some photos, do some paintings, pick some holly berries…… So it certainly hasn’t been all bad up here.

A bit of a diverse blog then; reflecting on a couple of days out and assembling a collection of photos too.

Suse striking a pose; looking like a photographer on Glas Bheinn:

And Rich found some people to talk to about fish:

Collecting holly berries for the tree nursery; a couple of us also picked juniper berries on a particularly cold wet day too.

Path restoration on Quinag; me and my wheelbarrow, plus a shot I did of a professional pathbuilder:

Another day on Glas Bheinn from a different direction:

Carol’s painting (mainly done on site and yes she got cold despite the hot water bottle stuffed down her coat, and her water pot had ice in it) and my photo:

A monochrome collection; each one features Sail Gharbh (the tallest peak of Quinag):

Bye for now!

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