Haircut Madam?

I’ve been hearing all sorts of compliments about Anna B. and her skills as a shepherdess.

Quite often this conversation happened over an empty cake tin, as she is clearly faster than me at getting around to our shared tea-spot and leaving me with the crumbs!

Eventually, I caught up with her, and yes, she has three dogs, which are just great.

How about some photos; you and the dogs?

Then she says about clipping sheep, and I didn’t realise that Anna B. did this too.

We arranged to meet at lunchtime, when she was to gather some sheep into a pen and clip a few of them.

No rush, she said.

Just as well that I took no notice; its not just eating cake that she’s quick at.

And I was struggling to keep up with the photos until they were all in a pen.

So Anna B. got out her clippers and sharpened them on a stone.

Not even electric ones!

Some questions you don’t ask, but as you can see from the photos, she’s not exactly “long in the tooth”; quite the contrary.

But, just wow!

I couldn’t believe how incredibly proficient she was; quick, tidy, and not an accidental nick to be seen.

I’m now considering a re-style myself!

Although I would expect a copy of “OK!” or “Hello” to read whilst I was waiting.

Very pleased that I got this opportunity, and Anna B. was happy for me to take some photos.

Thank you; you’re a star!

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