Old Light: New Windows; and an Experiment in Time-Travel

31st October 2021; we’ve been out to dinner with friends, it’s been raining hard so we thought that the predicted Aurora would remain hidden.

But driving home, there’s a glow in the sky….

I’m actually particularly tired, but the thought of an Aurora gives me a little bit of extra motivation, so I get the camera out and stick it on the tripod.

Just about to open the back door, I can hear rain on the roof again, which is odd, because it wasn’t raining on the lounge side of the house facing north.

For me, rain and cameras don’t go together without “extra protection”, so I go back into the comfort of the lounge and shoot through the window.

I do have other Aurora photos, so I’m not terribly bothered that I just got a “souvenir shot”, and its just nice to see it.

The Aurora borealis is also called Northern Lights, so I’m looking north, right?

Also in the northern sky is the Plough/ Big Dipper/ Great Bear (other names also available, and I’m not picky), and I see that I got most of this constellation in shot too; all except the top corner of the Saucepan.

According to the frame of the window that I shot through, it was manufactured in 1999.

“Merak” is the name of one of the stars in the Plough, and it happens to be the closest star (in the Plough) to us here. The light we see ourselves left Merak just under 80 years ago.

80 year old light coming through my 22 year old window then.

I’ve put a circle around Merak:

Chris Rea has an album called “New Light through Old Windows”, and it strikes me that in my context (not his), this is back to front.

And whichever window I look through, I am, to some degree, looking at the past not the present.

And I realised that none of my photos are “current”, however I try to view them.

And I tried several methods, all with the same result.

So there must be a way to sort this out; surely it can’t be difficult?

People have been grappling with the concept of “time travel” for years, but I honestly don’t think they’ve been trying hard enough.

In the spirit of Blue Peter, I set out to solve this conundrum once and for all.

Although my equipment looks rudimentary, I think it’ll be OK, and to some degree suggests that previous attempts in this field have been far too complicated.

I chose the nearby waterfall as the place where the magic would (fingers crossed) happen.

It took a couple of attempts to get my instruments lined up.

Once I was happy with the configuration, it was time to make that giant leap myself: right into the present.

No more living in the past for me!

Things seemed to be going well for a while, but then some of the controls malfunctioned.

Eventually the on-board gyroscope failed.

I was lucky to escape back to the safety of the past, and back to the drawing board.

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