About The Escapees

The Escapees

We all turned up in Assynt in the spring of 2015 and actually met at….. wait for it…… the AGM of the Culag Community Woodlands Trust. Of course; where else! Two of us from central Scotland and two from central England.

We’re not here by accident; we all came with ideas, dreams and aspirations.

It’s Life, Jim, but not as you know it. Thank goodness for that!

Assynt is the antidote to the Hamster Wheel, and for us, its right outside the door!

This Blog is a window into our stories. Its not made-up or exaggerated.

You’re invited to follow our little adventures; who knows, you might plan some of your own. You can do that here.

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Likes: Chicken Jalfrezi, Mackerel, Cycling, Photography, Indiana Jones, Being on top of a mountain, Being at the bottom of the sea, Red Wine, Wilko Johnson and Dad’s Army.

Yes, that’s about it.



Still likes gardening; despite the wind, rain and midges. Hill walking. Wild swimming. Baking (a new hobby as I never had time before). Painting with acrylics (the sea and sky are proving a challenge)!
Stopped counting how old I am as it’s difficult to remember the day of the week, or time of the day.

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After almost a decade of being confined to a classroom it was time for a proper adventure, so Rich and I headed north and ended up in Assynt. We’re so lucky. I enjoy walking the dog up hills and, well, anywhere really, baking, coastal rowing, attempting to weave willow, playing my ukulele with friends and learning all about off grid living.

Picking Juniper


I’m Richard, married to the lovely Suse. In my previous life living in civilization I was a tree surgeon. After 10 years of climbing trees I had had enough, that and I hadn’t died which was a bonus. So we decided to make the move to Assynt. Why and how we ended up in Assynt can be found here I also fish, climb hills, walk the dog and attempt to build an off grid home along with my wife Suse.